IEEE MASS 2014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, October 2014
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Monday, October 19th

IEEE Workshop on Content Centric Networking        
(Windsor 1)

The Fourth Annual IEEE International Workshop on Mission-Oriented Wireless Sensor Networking (IEEE MiSeNet 2015)                                 
(Windsor 2)

REU Research in Networking and Systems                              
(Windsor 3)            

The First International Workshop on Social Sensing (SocialSens 2015)
(Windsor 4)

Tutorial on Machine-to-Machine Communications and Internet of Things as the enablers of Smart City Initiatives:      

Tuesday, October 20th

8:45am     Welcome and Introduction (Windsor 3 & 4)

9:00am     Keynote Talk: Rahul Mangharam, University of Pennsylvania
                  Chair: Tarek Abdelzaher

Three Challenge Problems with Cyber Physical Systems and IoT

10:00am     Break

10:30am     D2D Content Sharing and Offloading (Windsor 3)
                    Chair: Anand Seetharam

Rado: A Randomized Auction Approach for Data Offloading via D2D Communication
Yifei Zhu; Jingjie Jiang; Bo Li; Baochun Li

Rally: Device-to-Device Content Sharing in LTE networks as a Game
Jingjie Jiang; Yifei Zhu; Bo Li; Baochun Li

Device-to-Device Load Balancing for Cellular Networks
Lei Deng; Ying Zhang; Minghua Chen; Zongpeng Li; Jack Y. B. Lee; Ying Jun (Angela) Zhang; Lingyang Song

10:30am    Spectrum Utilization (Windsor 4) 
                   Chair: Reginald Hobbs

Integration of Spectrum Database and Sensing Results for Hybrid Spectrum Access System
Ying Dai; Jie Wu

What Goes Around Comes Around: Mobile Bandwidth Sharing and Aggregation
Karim Habak; Khaled A. Harras; Moustafa Youssef

Cloud-CFFR: Coordinated Fractional Frequency Reuse in Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN)   
Abolfazl Hajisami; Dario Pompili

12:00noon    Lunch

1:30pm    Keynote Talk: Jie Liu, Microsoft Research (Windsor 3 & 4)
                 Chair: Jie Wu

Indoor Location Sensing: Where Are We?

2:30pm    Break

3:00pm    Sensor Networks 1 (Windsor 3)
                 Chair: Dong Wang  

An Energy Efficient and Restricted Tour Construction for Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks   
Aram Rasul; Thomas Erlebach

A Context Aware Energy-Saving Scheme for Smart Camera Phones based on Activity Sensing   
Yuanyuan Fan; Lei Xie; Yafeng Yin; Sanglu Lu

An Energy-Efficient and Distributed Cooperation Mechanism For k-Coverage Hole Detection And Healing in WSNs   
Chenxi Qiu; Haiying Shen; Kang Chen

Adaptive Distributed Reader Activation Approach for Large-scale RFID Systems   
Weiping Zhu; Yi Hong; Vaskar Raychoudhury; Run Zhao; Dong Wang
3:00pm     Resource Allocation & Congestion Control (Windsor 4)
                  Chair: Lie Xie   

MQCC: Maximum Queue Congestion Control for Multipath Networks with Blockage
Scott M Pudlewski; Brooke Shrader; Laura Herrera; Nathaniel M Jones; Andrew P. Worthen

A Percolation-Based Approach to Model DTN Congestion Control
Aloizio Silva; Celso Hirata; Marcelo Hilario; Katia Obraczka

A Novel Wireless Resource Allocation Algorithm in Hybrid Data Center Networks
Boutheina Dab; Ilhem Fajjari; Nadjib Aitsaadi; Abdelhamid Mellouk

Dynamic Radio Cooperation for Downlink Cloud-RANs with Computing Resource Sharing
Tuyen Tran; Dario Pompili

5:00pm    Poster Session and Reception (Bistro)

7:00pm    Adjourn

Wednesday, October 21st

8:30am    Crowdsourcing and Crowdsensing (Windsor 3)
                 Chair: Lawrence Yeung

Quality-Aware Online Task Assignment in Mobile Crowdsourcing
Yanrong Kang; Xin Miao; Kebin Liu; Lei Chen; Yunhao Liu

Dynamic Participant Recruitment of Mobile Crowdsensing for Heterogeneous Sensing Tasks   
Hanshang Li; Ting Li;Yu Wang

Combining Map-based Inference and Crowd-sensing for Detecting Traffic Regulators
Fatemeh Saremi; Tarek Abdelzaher

Towards Time-Sensitive Truth Discovery in Social Sensing Applications
Chao Huang; Dong Wang; Nitesh Chawla

8:30am     Security and Privacy (Windsor 4)
                  Chair: Dajin Wang

Retraining and Dynamic Privilege for Implicit Authentication Systems
Yingyuan Yang; Jinyuan (Stella) Sun; Pan Li; Chi Zhang

CLIP: Continuous Location Integrity and Provenance for Mobile Phones
Chen Lyu; Amit Pande; Xinlei (Oscar) Wang; Jindan Zhu; Dawu Gu; Prasant Mohapatra

Achieving Bilateral Utility Maximization and Location Privacy Preservation in Database-driven Cognitive Radio Networks
Zhikun Zhang; Heng Zhang; Shibo He; Peng Cheng

Black SDN for The Internet of Things
Shaibal Chakrabarty; Daniel W Engels

10:30am Break

11:00am Panel:  The Internet of Things: Facts, Hype, and Opportunities (Windsor 3 & 4)

Moderator: Tarek Abdelzaher, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
Tian He, University of Minnesota, USA
Marcelo Carvalho, University of Brasília, Brazil
Prasant Mohapatra, University of California, Davis, USA
Baochun Li, University of Toronto, Canada

12:00noon    Lunch

1:30pm     Wireless Protocols 1 (Windsor 3)
                  Chair: Dajin Wang

GreedyFlow: Distributed Greedy Packet Routing between Landmarks in DTNs
Kang Chen; Haiying Shen

Software Defined Mobile Multicast
Shunyi Xu; Chuan Wu; Zongpeng Li

Enhanced Time-Slotted Channel Hopping in WSNs using Non-Intrusive Channel-Quality Estimation   
Rasool Tavakoli; Majid Nabi; Twan Basten; Kees Goossens

1:30pm     Measurements and Experiments (Windsor 4)   
                  Chair: Baochun Li

Smartphones & BLE Services: Empirical Insights   
Meeralakshmi Radhakrishnan; Archan Misra; Rajesh K Balan; Youngki Lee

Shine: A Step Towards Distributed Multi-Hop Visible Light Communication
Lennart Klaver; Marco Zuniga

Improved 5.9GHz V2V Short Range Path Loss Model   
Billy Kihei; John A. Copeland; Yusun Chang
3:00pm    Break

3:30pm    Wireless Protocols 2 (Windsor 3)  
                 Chair: Dong Wang

Improving Neighbor Discovery with Slot Index Synchronization
Shuaizhao Jin; Zixiao Wang; Wai Kay Leong; Ben Leong; Yabo Dong; Dongming Lu

Scaling Laws of Social-Broadcast Capacity for Mobile Ad Hoc Social Networks
Yu Fang; Zijiao Zhang; Cheng Wang; Zhong Li; Huiya Yan; Changjun Jiang

Sparsity-Cognizant Multiple-Access Schemes for Large Wireless Networks With Node Buffers   
Ahmed El Shafie; Naofal Al-Dhahir; Ridha Hamila
3:30pm    Cyber Physical Systems (Windsor 4)
                 Chair: Shuhui Yang

Numerical Analysis of Complex Physical Systems on Networked Mobile Devices   
Christoph Dibak; Frank Dürr; Kurt Rothermel

Enabling TCP in Mobile Cyber-physical Systems
Kasun Hewage; Simon Duquennoy; Venkat Iyer; Thiemo Voigt

BraceAssertion: Runtime Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems
Xi Zheng; Christine Julien; Rodion Podorozhny; Franck Cassez

5:00pm    Free Time
6:30pm    Banquet


Thursday, October 22nd 

8:30am    Physical Layer and Cross-layer Design (Windsor 3)
                 Chair: Imad Jawhar

Interference Cancellation in Multiuser Acoustic Underwater Networks Using Probabilistic SDMA   
Mehdi Rahmati; Dario Pompili

Harmonizing SIC and MIMO DoF Interference Cancellation for Efficient Network-wide Resource Allocation
Brian Jalaeian; Yi Shi; Xu Yuan; Thomas Hou; Wenjing Lou; Scott F Midkiff

Reliable Broadcast with Joint Forward Error Correction and Erasure Codes In Wireless Communication Networks
Pouya Ostovari; Jie Wu

Sensor-assisted Codebook-based Beamforming for Mobility Management in 60 GHz WLANs   
Zhicheng Yang; Parth H Pathak; Yunze Zeng; Prasant Mohapatra

8:30am    Algorithms (Windsor 4)
                 Chair: Xi Zheng

On Demand Beaconless Planar Backbone Construction for Quasi Unit Disk Graphs
Florentin Neumann; Hannes Frey

N-in-one: A Novel Location-based-Service
Xiangheng Meng; Shengling Wang; Rongfang Bie; Jiguo Yu; Xiuzhen Cheng; Qin Hu

Connecting Robots with Concurrent Exploration of Control and Communications
Zhe Yan; Xin Wang; Daegeun Yoon; Dongliang Xie

Energy-Efficient Selective Activation in Femtocell Networks
Michael Lin; Simone Silvestri; Novella Bartolini; Tom La Porta

10:30am    Break

11:00am     Sensor Networks 2 (Windsor 3)
                    Chair: Yu Wang  

Self-Adaptive Resource Allocation for Event Monitoring with Uncertainty in Sensor Networks
Nan Hu; Tom La Porta;Novella Bartolini

Dynamic Mobile Charger Scheduling in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Hua Huang; Shan Lin;Lin Chen; Jie Gao;Anwar Mamat; Jie Wu

A Novel Dual Traffic/Flash Flood Monitoring System Using Passive Infrared/Ultrasonic Sensors   
Mustafa Mousa; Enas Odat; Christian Claudel

Pushing towards the Limit of Sampling Rate: Adaptive Chasing Sampling
Ying Li; Kun Xie; Xin Wang

11:00am    Localization (Windsor 4) 
                   Chair: Imad Jawhar 

AirLoc: Mobile Robots Assisted Indoor Localization
Chen Qiu; Matt Mutka

BarFi: Barometer-aided WiFi Floor Localization Using Crowdsourcing
Xingfa Shen; Yueshen Chen; Jianhui Zhang;Landi Wang; Guojun Dai; Tian He

PerLoc: Enabling Infrastructure-Free Indoor Localization with Perspective Projection
Puchun Feng; Lan Zhang; Kebin Liu; Yunhao Liu

RTS Assisted Mobile Localization: Mitigating Jigsaw Puzzle Problem of Fingerprint Space with Extra Mile
Chao Song; Jie Wu; Li Lu; Ming Liu

1:00pm    Adjourn

List of Posters and Demos:

A Novel Dual Traffic/Flash Flood Monitoring System Using Passive Infrared/Ultrasonic Sensors
Mustafa Mousa; Enas Odat; Christian Claudel

A Range-free Localization of Passive RFID Tags Using Mobile Readers
Jiaqing Luo; Shijie Zhou; Hongrong Cheng; Kai Bu

Evaluating Multihop Mobile Wireless Networks with Controllable Node Sparsity or Density.
Keyvan Amiri; David B. Johnson

KCN: Guaranteed Delivery via K-Cooperative-Nodes in Duty-Cycled Sensor Networks
Min Chen; Xianbin Wang; Junfeng Wang; Di Wu; Yong Li

LoSeRO: A Locality Sensitive Routing Protocol in Opportunistic Networks
Gianpiero Costantino; Rajib Maiti; Fabio Martinelli; Paolo Santi

Fast Compressive Sensing Based on Dominant Frequency Estimation
Jun Luan; SeungJae Lee; Pai H Chou

Optimal Time and Channel Assignment for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Yanhong Yang; Huan Yang; Liang Cheng; Xiaotong Zhang

Localization in a Rayleigh Fading Environment using RSS Based Methodologies
Rojina Adhikary; John N. Daigle

Context-aware Distributed Storage in Mobile Cloud Computing
Dong Han; Ye Yan; and Tao Shu

Link Scheduling in Wireless Cooperative Communication Networks
Chenxi Qiu; Haiying Shen

Dynamic Mobile Charger Scheduling in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Hua Huang; Shan Lin; Lin Chen; Jie Gao; Anwar Mamat; Jie Wu

GoFAST: A Group-Based Emergency Guiding System with Dedicated Path Planning for Mobile Users Using Smartphones
Lien-Wu Chen; Jhen-Jhou Chung; Jun-Xian Liu

Phonemeter: Bringing EMF Detection to Smartphones
Yang Zhou; Yuanchao Shu; Peng Cheng; Zhiguo Shi; Jiming Chen

Dynamic Provisioning for High Energy Efficiency and Resource Utilization in Cloud RAN
Abolfazl Hajisami; Tuyen X. Tran; Dario Pompili

GRB: Greedy Routing Protocol with Backtracking for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Baban A. Mahmood; D. Manivannan

Wireless Sensing: What Simplicity has to Offer
Asanka Sayakkara; Chathura Suduwella; Charith Shalitha; Rumesh Hapuarachchi; Chamath Keppitiyagama; Kasun De Zoysa

Context-aware Distributed Storage in Mobile Cloud Computing
Dong Han, Ye Yan, and Tao Shu

Time-aware Truth Discovery in Social Sensing
Chao Huang, Dong Wang

An Energy-Efficient and Distributed Cooperation Mechanism For k-Coverage Hole Detection And Healing in WSNs
Chenxi Qiu; Haiying Shen; Kang Chen

Novel Adaptive Queue Intelligent Management Algorithm
De-gan Zhang; Zhen Ma; De-xin Zhao; Jin-jie Song; Si Liu

MBDMAC: A MAC Protocol for Multi-Beam Directional Antennas in Wireless Networks
Gang Wang; Wenming Li; Xingyu Cai

Study of Hadoop-MapReduce on Google N-Gram Datasets
Suryadip Chakraborty; Satyajit Bhowmick; Dharma P. Agrawal

New Dv-distance Algorithm Based on Path for Wireless Sensor Network
De-gan Zhang; Wen-bin Li; Zhen Ma; Si Liu; Jin-jie Song